Young college students and the world of work: a comparative analysis of Brazil and China contexts

Eduardo Luiz Zen


In the later decades, broad social and economic phenomena such as production restructuring brought about unpredictability for youths regarding entry into the labor market after graduating. Analyzes on youth in developed countries can hardly be applied to developing countries like Brazil or China. Such analyzes, derived generally from the European context, presuppose high enrollment rates, and are based on a general idea that the usual for youths is starting to work only after completing education. This article uses data from the Comparative Study on Chinese and Brazilian college students, conducted in 2012, through the application of questionnaires to students aged up to 24 years, in a total of twelve universities in Brazil and China, in order to analyse the relationship and expectations of young college students to work in the two countries.


Brazil and China. Youth. College students and work.

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