Sociability, perceptions and values: a comparison between young Brazilian and Chinese university students

Marília Pontes Sposito, Marilena Nakano, Chen Chen


We conducted a quantitative research with Chinese and Brazilian university students aiming at identifying the differences resulting from the social contexts of both societies and the commonalities between both groups resulting from the globalization processes that have been taking place in the past decades and the emerging inequalities. The paper looks at family relationships, sociability, friendship relationships, values, views on institutions and the experience of being young. When planning for their future, students as a whole fear not to achieve the independence and autonomy typical of adulthood. However, there are significant differences in the way they see institutions, regarding their participation in organizations and in religiosity. Although family is considered important for students in general, it has different meanings for Brazilians and the Chinese. The work experience is unique to Brazilian university students, limiting their possibilities of enjoying their student life. Regarding gender inequalities, young female university students are more sensitive than their male counterparts.


comparative study, young university students, family, sociability, values

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