Global Knowledge Production in the Social Sciences: a Critical Assessment

Sari Hanafi


This article reviews the compelling volume edited by Wiebke Keim, Ercüment Çelik, Christian Ersche and Veronika Wöhrer Global Knowledge Production in the Social Sciences: Made in Circulation (2014) to critically assess some explanations of the emergence and the development the global regime of knowledge production and circulation of knowledge within it. While praising alternatives to some hegemonic and universalizing trends in knowledge production, it is sought to demonstrate that the way postcolonial studies have been projected in the Arab region does not sufficiently account for the complexity of the situation neither in this region nor elsewhere. It is argued, in the end, that it is necessary to forge post-authoritarian studies to supplement postcolonial studies.


Internationalization of social sciences; Circulation of ideas; Sociology of the South; Post-authoritarian studies

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